Cafe Metro (Midtown West)

Café Metro (Midtown West)

Cafe Metro (Midtown West)It’s like a Café Metro on steroids. It has a large outdoor space that is like right there below Sixth Avenue in a giant sunken 70s living room-type thing. Despite being a crazy version of a reliable chain, the sandwiches are the same, pre-made paninis, wraps and normal things on bread under glass. I know that doesn’t sound romantic, but the variety is actually really decent, and the sandwiches are pretty tasty. I can’t vouch for the salads, but if I was one of those people who thought a bowl full of stuff that comes from the ground would be a decent lunch, I’d certainly try one from here. Unfortunately for this particular location, there’s not much need for me to ever patronize it again, since there’s another Metro right outside of my office building–which is only two blocks from here. You’d figure they’d spread ’em out a little. Although at this one you can get a carcinoma with your quiche. [MF]

1221 Ave of the Americas (bet. 48th & 49th St.)