Ranch 1 (Times Square)

Ranch 1 Times Square


We seem to recall this being an inexpensive place to eat. While it’s still on the cheap side, you could certainly hit the local Chinese joint or go the fast food route and spend a little less scratch. Then you remember that you’re getting older, your metabolism has slowed down, and that gym membership has expired. We’re all aware how many calories are in an order of lo mein, and are always shocked by how much fat is in a Big Mac. That said, all of us could use a nice, healthy chicken salad every once in a while. It’s a guilt-free lunch–grilled chicken on top of greens with some honey mustard dressing. Back in the day we would indulge in the big cup of greasy fries, and the carb-loaded chicken sandwich (the bread is big), but in the days of the spare tire and the desk job, we have to go the low-cal route. Believe it or not, if you eat it enough, you’ll start to crave it (and the dollop of goat cheese they hide under the lettuce). Be warned that some have complained of stomach pain after prolonged exposure to Ranch 1 in certain locations. [MF]

717 8th Ave.