Haru Midtown East


Now we know where all the female executives go for lunch. We certainly don’t blame them for not wanting to frequent those annoying, old-school steak houses, with their cigar-chomping fat cats and dark wood interiors. Instead, they bring their pantsuits and pashminas to this sunny, Jetson-like interior that does everything to make things light and appetizing. The seating is comfortable and fashionable! The food, while not mind-blowing, is tasty and served by a friendly waitstaff that somehow keeps the bustling lunch crowds in order. You have to be quick on the draw if you want a refill, as they almost move at the speed of light, but once you get that order in, it is dispatched in due time. Sushi is a funny thing. After all, how much can one do with raw fish? It’s either fresh or it’s not. It depends on the day you get it, and the fish you get it from. The day we were there, the fish was somewhere between fresh and reasonably fresh. This led to a reasonably good meal, but an overall positive experience for a nice lunchtime meeting. [MF]

280 Park Ave.