Oliver's Bar and Grill

Oliver’s Bar and Grill

Oliver's Bar and Grill

Somehow they’ve taken the space that was the dreadful Barney Mac’s and super-sucked it. I mean I find it amazing that any place that actually serves booze can be this depressing–outside of your local VFW, that is. The bar is drab and dark and empty. Even the bartender looks like he wants to gargle with liquid death. The fact that a joint in this location can screw the pooch so badly is shocking. My only thought is that they serve a really mean three cheese omelette or something. Otherwise I can’t figure out how they stay in business serving like five beers a night to a listless crowd of bored souls. I was like the photosensitive kid locked behind heavy drapes while all the other kids were outside playing kickball and screaming at the ice cream man for Bomb Pops and Big Sticks. And like that ice cream on a hot day, I’m sure this place won’t last. [MF]

190 W 4th St.