Knitting Factory

[CLOSED at this location]

If you are a fan of jazz or cool alternative music, then you have probably been to this small, legendary club. If you dig Ricky Martin, J Lo or Britney Spears then you probably shouldn’t even bother (nor should you be reading this page). Filled with dudes with greasy hair, polyester, old Carhart jackets and some musical sensibility, Knitting Factory has been hosting intimate rock and jazz shows for years at around $10 a pop. There are actually two stages (one main, and another even smaller stage upstairs) that host some bands people have heard of, and others that people can only hope to discover. Unfortunately the prices on alcohol are at your typical concert-going levels, but a cool basement space affords the tongue-studded youngster in you some couches on which to chill after or before the show. All in all, Knitting Factory is a great place to see any kind of show in a much more comfortable atmosphere than Roseland or even Irving Plaza. Go ahead, be daring, take a chance, it’s only $10 to witness what might be your new favorite band. [MF]

74 Leonard St.