The Edge


Darts and beer. It doesn’t get simpler than that. After all, this is a simple place that serves a simple crowd. College students don’t give a shit about ambiance. College students don’t care if the bartender can mix a good Cosmo. College students come to drink cheap brew, play some drunken pool and throw some drunken darts. College students like places that are comfortable, well-worn and friendly. From the looks of things (see all the curvy, worn hats, running shoes and grubby jeans) they have found their haven. Mr. Hipster was once a college student (many eons ago), and understands hanging in a place that’s familiar and inviting. Even in my old age I can understand why the youngsters like this place. The funniest part of this joint is seeing the occasional chap and leather vest clad visitor from the Hell’s Angels clubhouse next door mingling amongst the Dave Matthews, clay bead necklace wearing slacker kids. Let’s just hope a rumble doesn’t break out–otherwise we’d have some seriously unhappy Phish fans on our hands. [MF]

95 E 3rd St.