O’Flanagan’s Ale House

O'Flanagan's Ale House


Though O’Flanagan’s isn’t going to win any gold stars for service, and has no discernible personality whatsoever, you could do worse when looking to grab a burger and watch a game in silence. The large space is basically split in two, with a bar in the front, and tables set up in the back. The beer should be cheaper. The waitresses should be faster. The lights should be a little brighter. They should clean the splotches off the large screens, and maybe rearrange the place a little bit, but there aren’t too many places on the UES that can fit an entire softball team and all their relatives. The place never seems to be very crowded, and after seeing so many establishments in the area fail, it is surprising that this place has hung on for as long as it has. I guess they save money by only having one waitress working at a time. [MF]

1591 2nd Ave.