Z DeliYou ain’t gonna see any linen napkins at this joint. Know why? There ain’t any tables. At this strictly take-out deli/bodega, you’ll find your typical tuna-behind-glass, Boar’s Head turkey and probably a plethora of roaches sneaking around the baseboards. It’s not that I love repeating my order fifty times before getting my sandwich, but I do love only paying $3.50 for it. I’ve never gotten sick eating here, so I have to assume the cleanliness of the place is no indication of the quality of the food. The choices, if you are to go by the unreadable board behind the counter, are plentiful, but we have a feeling that the 100 items up there are merely made of the ten different ingredients we can see rearranged to make something different. [MF]

803 8th Ave.