Remedy Bar and Grill


The only thing this place is a remedy for is insomnia. And that damn waterfall on the back wall had me running for the bathroom every five minutes. The only nice part about being alone in the bar was that we had no trouble getting drinks from the pleasant bartender or programming the weak, touchscreen jukebox. Speaking of those stupid jukeboxes (which really have no business being called jukeboxes), it really pisses me off that they’ll have, like, three decent albums in there, but only allow you to choose from two or three tracks from each album. It’s just frustrating and unfair! So, all I remember from this place is wallowing around in semi-darkness with a couple friends as our voices softly echoed off the nicely sponge-painted walls. Everything else I’ve read about this place makes it sound like our night was atypical in terms of the happy hour crowds, but maybe they had just failed a health inspection or something. We certainly don’t feel any ill will towards this joint, but it didn’t provide us much to crow about. It’s a well-decorated place, but we’d imagine that if it did get crowded, the thin set-up of the bar space would provide for an annoying experience. Of course, we’re just projecting (something that we’re excellent at here at The Survey), but if you have to be stuck in this boring-ass neighborhood after work, and you have a high tolerance for boredom and/or bores, then check yourself in to Remedy and drink your tears away. [MF]

974 2nd Ave.