Senor Swanky's


Señor Swanky’s loosely translates in English to Mr. Filthy’s. It’s an apt name, too, as this joint is just downright dirty. It’s hard to explain, but the filth just permeates everything. The place feels like at one time it was a swinging party, and now it’s just a tired relic hanging on to its lease for dear life. It’s a rusting Camaro sitting on cement blocks in the front yard. The plastic signs are as limp as the tacos, and the cheap, plastic chairs out front are just looking for a way to die with some dignity. Somebody needs to buy this place, gut it and breathe some new life into it–and by that I mean set off some bug bombs and maybe spread some napalm around. It certainly might improve their nachos. [MF]

287 Columbus Ave.