Yes, it may sound like an S&M club in the meat packing district, but names can be deceiving. (Like, who could have imagined The Cock was a gay bar?) This joint couldn’t be further from its namesake, unless of course you consider the half-assed record theme in the place. The menus are printed on old LP covers and there are a few other pop-culture, record-related things strewn about. The food has even less to do with plastic long players, as the menu is filled with a sort of health food, vegetarian Thai fusion thing. Tofu is the word of the day. It seems to be in everything, vegetarian or not. Asian themed wraps mingle with pad Thai and fried calamari. The prices are low, and the quantity reasonably high. This is a ratio that makes Mr. Hipster very happy. While some might scoff at the funky space and the very West Coasty menu, we think that you could certainly do worse for an inexpensive, light lunch any day of the week. [MF]

824 9th Ave.