New World Grill


This place hardly qualifies as a restaurant. It’s not that the food is bad or anything, but the actual “restaurant” consists of like three tables and about twenty square feet of usable space. In fact the majority of it is outside the little atrium-looking main building on the public patio of the World Wide Plaza. We’re not really sure what this place does when the temperature drops below forty-five degrees, but that’s for them to worry about. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to be sitting there shivering over my turkey burger as people from the Bally’s next door laugh at my freezing ass. If you are lucky enough to get a seat indoors on those cold days, or out on the patio on a more balmy afternoon, New World Grill, and its continental mixture of American, Asian, Mexican and some sort of Caribbean food, makes for a good lunch spot. It’s not going to win any points for charm, ambience or style, but solid burgers and chicken-type stuff make this a cool place to hang on one of those sunny days that seem so far away in the middle of the cold, cold winter. [MF]

329 W 49th St.