Texas Texas


There’s nothing like a little Southern flavor in the middle of every epileptic’s nightmare, Time Square. Assumedly constructed to draw in foreign tourists with a hankerin’ for solid American food (why a nice European family would come to NYC to eat BBQ is beyond our comprehension) or nice American tourists who have had enough of that NYC foreign grub (again…), Texas Texas pours on the Texas charm. Why drink your strawberry daiquiri out of a regular glass when you can chug it out of a glass boot? Like your beef/chicken/pork pulled (who doesn’t, really)? Are you ready to have an affair with a box of handy-wipes? Any way you cut it, BBQ is good. We’ve come to discover in our thorough research (so thorough) that different Southern regions have different BBQ food. Texas seems to be heavy on the meat and light on the side items like mac ‘n cheese, hush puppies and collard greens. Being from the South (of California, that is) we don’t know the difference between okra and Oprah, but we do know that anytime you smoke, grill or char anything, it’s bound to be tasty. So, if you don’t mind being mistaken for a lousy French ingrate or a slack-jawed Midwesterner, come on in to Texas Texas and eat until your belt creaks. [MF]

1600 Broadway