Piece of Chicken[CLOSED]

Never has a name been so direct and to the point. What you order is a piece of chicken. What you get is a piece of chicken. Granted, their menu lists like honey chicken, bbq chicken and a couple other types of fowl and southern cuisine, but all they seem to actually have are pieces of fried chicken. And, get this, one piece of chicken is one dollar. To this day I’m not really sure if one gets to choose the actual part of the chicken the piece comes from, but never having gotten to be a regular (which most seem to be) I never found out the mysterious missing chicken types, nor the body part selection process. Possibly the oddest part of the whole joint is that there is in fact no joint. Somewhere between a Chinese take-out set up and a lunch cart, the ordering window for Piece of Chicken seems to just materialize out of the side of a building. So you stand at this window, looking into the kitchen/operation, the guy takes your order while you stand out on the street and he delivers it to you through the window. It’s like the Manhattan version of a little freestanding taco hut. In addition to chicken, there are a bunch of sides listed, only some of which seem to be available. I got mac ‘n’ cheese, which complimented my one, sad piece of chicken very nicely. It was truly an odd experience, but the little food I did get out of the deal was pretty damn tasty. I’ll have to go back and complete the experience at some point now that I’m and old pro. [MF]

362 W 45th St.