Skylight DinerI had never actually seen this place before wandering down from my office to snap a photo. A co-worker had ordered us lunch from this joint one day when work prevented me from getting my usual two and half minutes of fresh air a day. Now, I’m not normally a fan of diner take-out, especially diner delivery. In fact, I really hate delivery in general, but I’ve expressed that a million time on the Survey, so I won’t go off again. By site, this place is a total classic. It has the wonderful stainless pressed tin on the outside, the neon and a layered, squat shape that is only found with diners. I can’t say a lot about the turkey burger and fries that I got, except to say that it tasted exactly like what I expected from a diner burger, and probably would have been better if I had it fresh from the grill and not trotted up five blocks in a padded bag. That said, I happen to like diner turkey burgers and their pre-made forms. Like fast food burgers, they’re in a class all their own, and are practically their own food group-also like supermarket sushi, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Lender’s bagels and Chips Ahoy. [MF]

402 W 34th St.