Zucchero e PomodoriThis neighborhood needs another Italian restaurant like a Port Authority bathroom needs another strange smell. We’re not claiming this is the latest in a long line of mediocre pasta joints on the UES, just the latest we’ve been to–and that’s why it’s going to incur our wrath. The space itself is nice for one of your typical $8.95-$14.95 an entree Italian joints that litter this area, but who comes to one of these places for the atmosphere? (Okay, we understand that there are still those 22 year-old single guys out there that don’t want to splurge on a first date with a person that may turn out to be Miss Waywrong.) What comes to mind when we think of Zucchero e Pomodori (besides an insanely impossible to remember name)? Answer: nothing. I seem to remember an uninspired plate of pasta that was supposed to contain chicken, but had very little. It was supposed to have taste, but had very little. There was supposed to be heat applied to the meal, but they somehow left that out as well. So let’s sum this up: the food was lacking ingredients, taste and warmth. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Maybe this is fine for some, but not for someone with a sophisticated palate like Mr. Hipster! [MF]

1435 2nd Ave.