Banshee Pub


From the group that brought you Trinity Pub, comes another one of those places that just inspires drunken tomfoolery. Granted, when we walked in for happy hour, there were scant drunkards to be found, but we could tell a party was in the air. Normally we wouldn’t review a joint merely on hearsay and pictorial evidence, but we want to give this bar a fair shake (unlike 99% of the other poor places in this survey). We figure that the owners of Trinity couldn’t fuck up too badly in the crowd department, and that our early evening jaunt was merely an anomaly. Granted, if you hate the Upper East Side, annoying drunk rabble-rousers or the smell of cigarette smoke and cheap beer, you might want to stay away (assuming the same crowd hangs here as at their sister bar). As evidence of their light side, a sandwich board outside advertises its nightly special: Guinness soup. No, they don’t really serve food, it’s a joke. Get it? Anyway, that’s that. I won’t let it happen again. [MF]

1373 1st Ave.