Charcoal Grillcharcoalgrillcart2[CLOSED]

I can’t honestly say I spied a single brick of the black stuff on this dude’s grill, but if he calls himself the Charcoal Grill, it must be true! I also can’t claim that his chicken tasted much like fowl cooked on a Weber at a 4th of July barbecue, but the guy was nice enough to wheel his cart right up to my building and set up his Halal camp. Convenience (and total disgust with the thought of eating in our cafeteria again) drove me to this cart in the first place, but it was his special blend of chicken, spicy rice and white sauce that drove me back. Plus, I like to support extremely local businesses. I mean who am I gonna give my hard earned cash to? The stupid Sabrett hot dog cart guy? You know how many rat hairs there are per gross of Sabrett wieners? Like enough to cover one of those giant Union Rats! (Don’t sue me Mr. Sabrett–you know I can be a total asshole about stuff that we all know is true but me.) This being the third cart I hit up in the neighborhood, I’d say it fell right in the middle somewhere. The chicken was pretty straightforward, the rice was tasty and the white sauce decent. It was lacking a little bit in the “other stuff” category, but perhaps you’re a purist and wonder why you need veggies anyway? Me? I like to get the most I can out of my money, so the more shit the better. I’ll be back Mr. Charcoal. [MF]