Nice Guy Eddie's

 [CLOSED – Now Boulton & Watt]

One part alternative sports bar, one part East Village pool joint, Eddie is indeed a nice guy for providing this ’70’s throwback beer hall. Eddie’s is one of those places where the personality is completely determined by the crowd. We suggest bringing your own for best results, but any old night will provide you with your typical post NYU, black-framed glasses, V-neck sweater guys, tongue-pierced camera assistant chicks and other dudes who just kind of wandered in off the street because this place actually has a sign outside. There are some TVs spread around the rather large interior on which you can catch a Yankees game, a pool table (where there is bound to be a guy in a white T-shirt with some sort of leather wristband on) and a jukebox stuffed with ’70’s guitar rock. Of course, everyone is smoking (and we do mean everyone), drinking beer served by attractive, pleasant female bartenders and chatting amongst themselves. Again, if you’re looking for a rowdy time, you may need to bring a rowdy crowd with you, but if you’re looking to catch a beer, and don’t have expectations that you’re going to meet the supermodel of your dreams, this may be your place. Also, on Mr. Hipster’s scale of good places to start a bar fight (judged on available space, surliness of crowd, ability to reach maximum drunkenness in the shortest amount of time, lack of female patrons and the flirtatiousness of the bartenders) Nice Guy Eddie’s ranks right up there at the top of the list. [MF]

5 Avenue A