Bali Nusa Indah


Funny thing Indonesian food. It’s not quite Chinese or Thai or Japanese or Vietnamese or even Indian–it’s something all together different… yet the same. Sure, there’s sweet and sour sauce, but it’s a little less viscous and a little less sweet. Sure, there’s peanut sauce, but it’s a little less peanut buttery. The vegetables are a little more tropical and the curry a little more prevalent. With the current political climate over in Indonesia, I probably won’t get over that way any time soon, so this somewhat rundown space on 9th Avenue will have to do–and by the looks of things, they can use my business. This is yet another one of the many restaurants on 9th that manages to survive without the benefit of any kind of significant lunch business. It’s amazing really. Based on my limited exposure to BNI, I’m certainly going to give it a second try. Everything was fresh, hot and reasonably priced. Honestly, what more can you ask for when you can’t pronounce a single thing on the menu? I just point and pray. [MF]

651 9th Ave
(212) 265-2200