Digby's Cafe


For some reason this joint reminds me of that weird, bi-polar mind-child cartoon, Ziggy. That or the weird, violent man-child hooligan from Trainspotting, Begby. Either way, it’s probably not an association you’d want to promote. Luckily the place itself is in no way like either of these misfits, but is actually a rather clean, pleasant lunch joint with not a shrink or kick to the nuts in site. It does, however, have that lunchtime efficiency and hustle and bustle that gives you the impression that at least there are a bunch of folks out there that trust this place not to poison them. I can’t really say the same for some of the lowlier bodegas and deli sandwich places I’ve seen out there. While my wrap wasn’t anything that I’ll write about in my sandwich dissertation or have noted in my eulogy (“he once had a chicken wrap that changed his life in profound ways…”), it will certainly do in a pinch and keep me satisfied before settling in for a super-long day of meetings and endless agita. [MF]

666 5th Ave.